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4/7/2022 11:05 AM


  Amazing Grace Bully Rescue


We are a Non-Profit Animal Rescue in Pensacola, Florida.


Our mission is to help the animals in our area of NW Florida and to educate people about the importance of spaying/neutering their pets to stop overpopulation.  The shelters and rescues are always filled with unwanted pets - so many healthy, adoptable pets are killed every day because there are so many that are not sterilized or wanted.  We hope to get people to realize that animals are NOT disposable.  If you want a pet, please be prepared to make a lifetime commitment and not an impulse decision.  Many animals can live up to 15 years (or more) and we want you to do your best to have your pet with your for the rest of their life.  We want folks to be responsible, train your pets, keep them safe and vaccinated, on regular heartworm preventive, so they can stay healthy.

General Information

We are a small rescue that is entirely volunteer.  We do not have a physical location for a shelter.  The animals we have available for adoption are available thanks to our fosters.  We cannot take on more animals without more fosters.  We rely on fosters, volunteers, donations, and word of mouth.  If you're interested in helping, please call us at 850-723-2037 or email us at:  We also have a Facebook page, so make sure to LIKE us! And you can also FOLLOW us on Instagram.

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